Installation Projects - I like interactive projections/screens...

Light Forest
Area: Art, Installation
School: NYU/ITP Spring 2013
Tutor: Daniel Shiffman
Exhibited: Tribeca Film Interactive 2014

Light forest is an installation where users interact with a flashlight to explore an animated forest at night. Birds, fireflies, squirrels, owls and rabbits have their own behavior when reacting to the light and to each other. They can either be attracted, run away or make sounds. The flashlight is recognized through computer vision and the animations are programmed in processing.

Annica: Big Screens 2013
Area: Art, Installation, Performance
School: NYU/ITP Fall 2013
Tutor: Mimi Yin
Partners: Sam Slover and Max Ma
Year: 2013

Anicca is a 4-minute coded animation installed on the 120-foot screen at NYC's IAC Building. It presents a generative universe governed by impermanence and change. Within Annica, a select set of performers are able to influence the formation of all constructed phenomena. Interaction happens through leap motion that can read the conducting movements of the performers. I was responsible for all the graphics and coded animation. Annica was programmed in Java (using Processing in Eclipse).

Stereography and Performance
Area: Art, 3D projection, Videomapping, Performance
Company: Recoil Performance
Partners: Ole Kristensen, Jonas Lindegaard and Bernardo Schorr
Year: 2014

In January 2014, Recoil did a Research Residency at the 3LD studios in NYC with the goal to explore stereographic projection for live performance. We were invited to explore this tool, creating environments that later could be adapted into a live dance performance. We worked with Tina Tarpgard as art director and Siri Wolthoorn as dancer. These concepts evolved further into a performance presented at Click Festival 2014, in Denmark.

Grito de socorro (a cry for help)
Area: Art, Installation
Partners: Bernardo Schorr and Jean Costa
Exhibited: Interaction South America 2011 and Mostra Interarte 2012
Year: 2011

The art installation "A Cry for Help" invites the spectator to interact through screaming. The project works in two states: in the first one, when not stimulated, the installation displays a vídeo loop of waves crashing on a beach shore, representing a cliche of tranquility. The second state happens when a spectator screams and reveals video images of tragic situations of the human history.

Area: Art, Installation
Exhibited: Pavão Esdi
Year: 2010

Invisible is an interactive installation made in Processing and a smart board. It was one of my first programming projects. Circles appeared continuosly in the screen, revealing hidden letters. Spectators must interact to discover the whole written sentences, creating at each time a different result. Invisible was exhibited at Pavão in my design school Esdi, in 2010.

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