Visual Design Projects - before I knew how to code...

Butterflies: Touchscreen exhibition
Area: Visual design & Illustration
Client: Sesc Quitandinha
Company: Ydreams
Art Director: Ana Monte
Year: 2010

Butterflies is a playful interactive exhibition inside Quitandinha's palace, in Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro. Visitors can learn about the world of butterflies, create their own virtual butterfly and send it by e-mail. In the room, there is also a scenic cage, with projections of butterflies, that fly away when someone gets closer. I've worked on visual design of two different but complementary softwares as well as illustrating and supporting implementation process in Flash.


Facedoku: mobile app game
Area: Interaction & Visual design
Client: Appttic
Company: Freelance
Year: 2011

Facedoku is a puzzle-game for iphone/ipad inspired in the traditional sudoku. Numbers are replaced by face elements
and the goal is to complete all faces. Facedoku has 3 versions: 4x4, 6x6 and 9x9, each one with 3 levels of difficulty. Facedoku was my first mobile app project. I was invited by a developer to work on the interaction and visual design of this version of sudoku. It was a good learning on how to design a very detailed interface for small screens. Project also included the company visual id & website: appttic


Riograss & Corporate Websites
Area: Webdesign, Branding & Marketing online
Client: Riograss
Company: Freelance
Partners: Bernardo Schorr and Andre Siggia
Year: 2009-2011

Riograss is an agronomy company that makes gardening, soccer lawns and landscaping. I started this project designing their website and redesigning their visual identity (business card, storefront, uniforms). Right after we were invited to redesign their partners websites: Thuya and Chalé do Agrônomo. We also worked in a new visual identity system for Chalé do Agrônomo.

In this work, I was responsible not only for the visual design but also for the information architecture as well as the digital marketing (google adwords).


Sul America Paradiso: event atmosphere design
Area: Visual and Spatial design
Client: Sulamerica Paradiso Radio
Company: Freelance work for NIdeias (event producer)
Partner: Bernardo Schorr
Year: 2009

My role at Sulamerica Paradiso Radio release party was to design the visual to be printed in a 25meters wall, as well as entrance totems, floor, tables and stage decoration. We had to create a pleasant environment related to music, urban traffic and Rio de Janeiro. Both colors from the radio visual identity, yellow and dark blue, were intensively explored, bringing the night and day atmosphere to the same ambient.


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