M-Cube - Multi-dimensional Data Visualization Tool for Multimedia Databases

Area: Interface concept, Interaction design & Research documentation
School: Visgraf, IMPA - Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada
Tutor: Luiz Velho
Partner: André Máximo
Year: 2009

M-cube is an innovative visualization tool for multi-dimensional multimedia databases, called multi-dimensional cube (or m-cube). Unlike previous data cubes, which are simple extensions of two-dimensional tables or charts for any type of data, the m-cube employs a three-dimensional space to visualize multimedia content with great interaction flexibility – user can change any of the current dimensions by rotation.

Our tool is specialized for multimedia contents, that is, text, music, images and videos, While the visualization is enhanced by visually rich data elements inside the cube, the interaction provides fast change of dimensions required when exploring multimedia databases, for example, while browsing a home computer.

M-Cube was created during collecTable project but we continued the project to incorporate new functionalities and interactions to this multidmensional data cube. M-Cube can be used to explore large collections of multimedia data as a natural interface file browser. My work was not only to determine possible interactions but also to illustrate the concepts. you can download m-cube paper here.

Organizational Method for Muldimensional Data patent pending.

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